[][src]Trait gtk::prelude::IsA

pub unsafe trait IsA<T>: Wrapper + UnsafeFrom<ObjectRef> + ToGlibPtr<'a, *mut <T as Wrapper>::GlibType> + StaticType + Into<ObjectRef> where
    T: Wrapper + UnsafeFrom<ObjectRef> + StaticType
{ }

Declares the "is a" relationship.

Self is said to implement T.

For instance, since originally GtkWidget is a subclass of GObject and implements the GtkBuildable interface, gtk::Widget implements IsA<glib::Object> and IsA<gtk::Buildable>.

The trait can only be implemented if the appropriate ToGlibPtr implementations exist.

T always implements IsA<T>.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl IsA<Object> for Binding

impl IsA<SocketConnectable> for NetworkAddress

impl IsA<Object> for ListStore

impl IsA<MenuModel> for Menu

impl IsA<Object> for FilterInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Permission

impl IsA<FilterOutputStream> for DataOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Icon

impl IsA<Object> for SocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for DesktopAppInfo

impl IsA<InputStream> for PollableInputStream

impl IsA<Seekable> for FileInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for TlsInteraction

impl IsA<Object> for SocketConnection

impl IsA<IOStream> for TlsServerConnection

impl IsA<Object> for TlsCertificate

impl IsA<FilterInputStream> for ConverterInputStream

impl IsA<SocketConnectable> for ProxyAddress

impl IsA<Object> for SocketService

impl IsA<Object> for SocketAddressEnumerator

impl IsA<Object> for Application

impl IsA<Object> for TcpConnection

impl IsA<Icon> for EmblemedIcon

impl IsA<Object> for FileInputStream

impl IsA<ActionMap> for Application

impl IsA<PollableInputStream> for MemoryInputStream

impl IsA<InputStream> for DataInputStream

impl IsA<SocketService> for ThreadedSocketService

impl IsA<FilterInputStream> for DataInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Resolver

impl IsA<Icon> for FileIcon

impl IsA<Object> for InputStream

impl IsA<ActionGroup> for Application

impl IsA<Object> for SocketListener

impl IsA<Object> for FileIcon

impl IsA<Icon> for ThemedIcon

impl IsA<Seekable> for FileOutputStream

impl IsA<SocketAddress> for UnixSocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for ConverterOutputStream

impl IsA<BufferedInputStream> for DataInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for SimplePermission

impl IsA<Object> for Action

impl IsA<OutputStream> for ConverterOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Converter

impl IsA<FilterInputStream> for BufferedInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for FileOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for MenuModel

impl IsA<Seekable> for BufferedOutputStream

impl IsA<Seekable> for DataOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for ActionMap

impl IsA<Icon> for Emblem

impl IsA<SocketConnectable> for SocketAddress

impl IsA<Seekable> for FileIOStream

impl IsA<Object> for BufferedOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for ActionGroup

impl IsA<InetSocketAddress> for ProxyAddress

impl IsA<InputStream> for ConverterInputStream

impl IsA<Seekable> for MemoryOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for SubprocessLauncher

impl IsA<SocketAddress> for ProxyAddress

impl IsA<Object> for EmblemedIcon

impl IsA<Object> for FilenameCompleter

impl IsA<SocketConnectable> for InetSocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for AppInfo

impl IsA<Object> for SettingsBackend

impl IsA<OutputStream> for MemoryOutputStream

impl IsA<SocketConnectable> for UnixSocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for ZlibCompressor

impl IsA<Object> for DataOutputStream

impl IsA<OutputStream> for BufferedOutputStream

impl IsA<IOStream> for SocketConnection

impl IsA<Object> for Seekable

impl IsA<Object> for ThreadedSocketService

impl IsA<Object> for TlsDatabase

impl IsA<InputStream> for MemoryInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for InetAddressMask

impl IsA<PollableOutputStream> for ConverterOutputStream

impl IsA<SocketConnectable> for NetworkService

impl IsA<InputStream> for FilterInputStream

impl IsA<Permission> for SimplePermission

impl IsA<Object> for Emblem

impl IsA<Object> for BytesIcon

impl IsA<InputStream> for FileInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Subprocess

impl IsA<Converter> for ZlibDecompressor

impl IsA<IOStream> for FileIOStream

impl IsA<Object> for ConverterInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for ApplicationCommandLine

impl IsA<Object> for TlsClientConnection

impl IsA<Icon> for LoadableIcon

impl IsA<IOStream> for TlsConnection

impl IsA<OutputStream> for DataOutputStream

impl IsA<PollableInputStream> for ConverterInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for ThemedIcon

impl IsA<Object> for FileInfo

impl IsA<Object> for VolumeMonitor

impl IsA<Icon> for BytesIcon

impl IsA<Object> for Notification

impl IsA<Object> for LoadableIcon

impl IsA<Object> for MenuAttributeIter

impl IsA<Converter> for ZlibCompressor

impl IsA<Object> for MemoryOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for AppInfoMonitor

impl IsA<Object> for ListModel

impl IsA<FilterOutputStream> for ConverterOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for DataInputStream

impl IsA<PollableOutputStream> for MemoryOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for BufferedInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Menu

impl IsA<Object> for File

impl IsA<Object> for SimpleActionGroup

impl IsA<Action> for SimpleAction

impl IsA<LoadableIcon> for BytesIcon

impl IsA<Object> for UnixSocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for TlsServerConnection

impl IsA<Object> for MountOperation

impl IsA<ListModel> for ListStore

impl IsA<Object> for NetworkMonitor

impl IsA<ActionMap> for SimpleActionGroup

impl IsA<Object> for InetAddress

impl IsA<Object> for NetworkService

impl IsA<Object> for TlsFileDatabase

impl IsA<OutputStream> for FileOutputStream

impl IsA<Converter> for CharsetConverter

impl IsA<SocketAddress> for InetSocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for ZlibDecompressor

impl IsA<Object> for FileMonitor

impl IsA<Object> for Drive

impl IsA<Object> for Vfs

impl IsA<IOStream> for SimpleIOStream

impl IsA<Object> for SimpleAction

impl IsA<Object> for IOStream

impl IsA<Object> for PollableInputStream

impl IsA<OutputStream> for FilterOutputStream

impl IsA<SocketListener> for ThreadedSocketService

impl IsA<Object> for CharsetConverter

impl IsA<Object> for MenuItem

impl IsA<Object> for ProxyAddress

impl IsA<Object> for SocketConnectable

impl IsA<Object> for SocketClient

impl IsA<Object> for FileIOStream

impl IsA<Object> for Proxy

impl IsA<Seekable> for BufferedInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for NetworkAddress

impl IsA<Seekable> for DataInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Mount

impl IsA<Object> for OutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for MenuLinkIter

impl IsA<OutputStream> for PollableOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for ProxyResolver

impl IsA<IOStream> for TlsClientConnection

impl IsA<TlsConnection> for TlsServerConnection

impl IsA<Object> for InetSocketAddress

impl IsA<Object> for MemoryInputStream

impl IsA<AppInfo> for DesktopAppInfo

impl IsA<Object> for TlsConnection

impl IsA<InputStream> for BufferedInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Socket

impl IsA<Object> for Volume

impl IsA<LoadableIcon> for FileIcon

impl IsA<IOStream> for TcpConnection

impl IsA<Object> for PollableOutputStream

impl IsA<TlsDatabase> for TlsFileDatabase

impl IsA<Object> for FilterOutputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Settings

impl IsA<Object> for Credentials

impl IsA<Seekable> for MemoryInputStream

impl IsA<Object> for Cancellable

impl IsA<Object> for TlsPassword

impl IsA<Object> for AppLaunchContext

impl IsA<Object> for SimpleIOStream

impl IsA<FilterOutputStream> for BufferedOutputStream

impl IsA<SocketListener> for SocketService

impl IsA<TlsConnection> for TlsClientConnection

impl IsA<SocketConnection> for TcpConnection

impl IsA<ActionGroup> for SimpleActionGroup

impl IsA<Object> for DevicePad

impl IsA<Object> for Display

impl IsA<Object> for Visual

impl IsA<Object> for FrameClock

impl IsA<Object> for Window

impl IsA<Object> for DrawingContext

impl IsA<Object> for GLContext

impl IsA<Object> for DisplayManager

impl IsA<Device> for DevicePad

impl IsA<Object> for Monitor

impl IsA<AppLaunchContext> for AppLaunchContext

impl IsA<Object> for DragContext

impl IsA<Object> for Cursor

impl IsA<Object> for Device

impl IsA<Object> for DeviceTool

impl IsA<Object> for DeviceManager

impl IsA<Object> for Screen

impl IsA<Object> for Seat

impl IsA<Object> for AppLaunchContext

impl IsA<Object> for PixbufAnimationIter

impl IsA<Object> for PixbufSimpleAnim

impl IsA<PixbufAnimation> for PixbufSimpleAnim

impl IsA<Icon> for Pixbuf

impl IsA<LoadableIcon> for Pixbuf

impl IsA<Object> for PixbufLoader

impl IsA<Object> for Pixbuf

impl IsA<Object> for PixbufAnimation

impl IsA<Object> for FontMap

impl IsA<Object> for Renderer

impl IsA<Object> for Context

impl IsA<Object> for Font

impl IsA<Object> for EngineShape

impl IsA<Object> for FontFace

impl IsA<Object> for EngineLang

impl IsA<Object> for FontFamily

impl IsA<Object> for FontsetSimple

impl IsA<Fontset> for FontsetSimple

impl IsA<Object> for Layout

impl IsA<Object> for Fontset


impl IsA<ActionGroup> for gtk::Application

impl IsA<ActionGroup> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<ActionMap> for gtk::Application

impl IsA<ActionMap> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Application> for gtk::Application

impl IsA<MountOperation> for gtk::MountOperation

impl IsA<Actionable> for Button

impl IsA<Actionable> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<Actionable> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for FontButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<Actionable> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for ListBoxRow

impl IsA<Actionable> for LockButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for gtk::MenuItem

impl IsA<Actionable> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<Actionable> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<Actionable> for Switch

impl IsA<Actionable> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for ToolButton

impl IsA<Actionable> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<AppChooser> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<AppChooser> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<AppChooser> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Bin> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for ActionBar

impl IsA<Bin> for Alignment

impl IsA<Bin> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<Bin> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Bin> for AspectFrame

impl IsA<Bin> for Assistant

impl IsA<Bin> for Button

impl IsA<Bin> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Bin> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<Bin> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Bin> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for ComboBox

impl IsA<Bin> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<Bin> for Dialog

impl IsA<Bin> for EventBox

impl IsA<Bin> for Expander

impl IsA<Bin> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for FlowBoxChild

impl IsA<Bin> for FontButton

impl IsA<Bin> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for Frame

impl IsA<Bin> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<Bin> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Bin> for ListBoxRow

impl IsA<Bin> for LockButton

impl IsA<Bin> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Bin> for gtk::MenuItem

impl IsA<Bin> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<Bin> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Bin> for OffscreenWindow

impl IsA<Bin> for Overlay

impl IsA<Bin> for PlacesSidebar

impl IsA<Bin> for Plug

impl IsA<Bin> for Popover

impl IsA<Bin> for PopoverMenu

impl IsA<Bin> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Bin> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<Bin> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<Bin> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Bin> for Revealer

impl IsA<Bin> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Bin> for ScrolledWindow

impl IsA<Bin> for SearchBar

impl IsA<Bin> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<Bin> for SeparatorToolItem

impl IsA<Bin> for ShortcutsWindow

impl IsA<Bin> for StackSidebar

impl IsA<Bin> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Bin> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<Bin> for ToolButton

impl IsA<Bin> for ToolItem

impl IsA<Bin> for Viewport

impl IsA<Bin> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Bin> for gtk::Window

impl IsA<Box> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Box> for ButtonBox

impl IsA<Box> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<Box> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<Box> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<Box> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Box> for InfoBar

impl IsA<Box> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<Box> for StackSwitcher

impl IsA<Box> for Statusbar

impl IsA<Buildable> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for AccelLabel

impl IsA<Buildable> for ActionBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for Actionable

impl IsA<Buildable> for Alignment

impl IsA<Buildable> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Buildable> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Buildable> for Arrow

impl IsA<Buildable> for AspectFrame

impl IsA<Buildable> for Assistant

impl IsA<Buildable> for Bin

impl IsA<Buildable> for Box

impl IsA<Buildable> for Button

impl IsA<Buildable> for ButtonBox

impl IsA<Buildable> for Calendar

impl IsA<Buildable> for CellArea

impl IsA<Buildable> for CellAreaBox

impl IsA<Buildable> for CellEditable

impl IsA<Buildable> for CellView

impl IsA<Buildable> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<Buildable> for ComboBox

impl IsA<Buildable> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<Buildable> for Container

impl IsA<Buildable> for Dialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for DrawingArea

impl IsA<Buildable> for Entry

impl IsA<Buildable> for EntryCompletion

impl IsA<Buildable> for EventBox

impl IsA<Buildable> for Expander

impl IsA<Buildable> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<Buildable> for FileFilter

impl IsA<Buildable> for Fixed

impl IsA<Buildable> for FlowBox

impl IsA<Buildable> for FlowBoxChild

impl IsA<Buildable> for FontButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Buildable> for Frame

impl IsA<Buildable> for GLArea

impl IsA<Buildable> for Grid

impl IsA<Buildable> for HeaderBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for IconFactory

impl IsA<Buildable> for IconView

impl IsA<Buildable> for Image

impl IsA<Buildable> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for InfoBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for Invisible

impl IsA<Buildable> for Label

impl IsA<Buildable> for gtk::Layout

impl IsA<Buildable> for LevelBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for ListBox

impl IsA<Buildable> for ListBoxRow

impl IsA<Buildable> for gtk::ListStore

impl IsA<Buildable> for LockButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for gtk::Menu

impl IsA<Buildable> for MenuBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for gtk::MenuItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for MenuShell

impl IsA<Buildable> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for Misc

impl IsA<Buildable> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for Notebook

impl IsA<Buildable> for OffscreenWindow

impl IsA<Buildable> for Overlay

impl IsA<Buildable> for Paned

impl IsA<Buildable> for PlacesSidebar

impl IsA<Buildable> for Plug

impl IsA<Buildable> for Popover

impl IsA<Buildable> for PopoverMenu

impl IsA<Buildable> for ProgressBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for Range

impl IsA<Buildable> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Buildable> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<Buildable> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<Buildable> for RecentFilter

impl IsA<Buildable> for Revealer

impl IsA<Buildable> for Scale

impl IsA<Buildable> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for Scrollbar

impl IsA<Buildable> for ScrolledWindow

impl IsA<Buildable> for SearchBar

impl IsA<Buildable> for SearchEntry

impl IsA<Buildable> for Separator

impl IsA<Buildable> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for SeparatorToolItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for ShortcutsWindow

impl IsA<Buildable> for SizeGroup

impl IsA<Buildable> for SpinButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for Spinner

impl IsA<Buildable> for Stack

impl IsA<Buildable> for StackSidebar

impl IsA<Buildable> for StackSwitcher

impl IsA<Buildable> for Statusbar

impl IsA<Buildable> for Switch

impl IsA<Buildable> for TextTagTable

impl IsA<Buildable> for TextView

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToolButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToolItem

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToolItemGroup

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToolPalette

impl IsA<Buildable> for ToolShell

impl IsA<Buildable> for Toolbar

impl IsA<Buildable> for TreeStore

impl IsA<Buildable> for TreeView

impl IsA<Buildable> for TreeViewColumn

impl IsA<Buildable> for Viewport

impl IsA<Buildable> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Buildable> for Widget

impl IsA<Buildable> for gtk::Window

impl IsA<Button> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Button> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Button> for FontButton

impl IsA<Button> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Button> for LockButton

impl IsA<Button> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Button> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Button> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Button> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Button> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Button> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<CellArea> for CellAreaBox

impl IsA<CellEditable> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<CellEditable> for ComboBox

impl IsA<CellEditable> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<CellEditable> for Entry

impl IsA<CellEditable> for SearchEntry

impl IsA<CellEditable> for SpinButton

impl IsA<CellLayout> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<CellLayout> for CellArea

impl IsA<CellLayout> for CellAreaBox

impl IsA<CellLayout> for CellView

impl IsA<CellLayout> for ComboBox

impl IsA<CellLayout> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<CellLayout> for EntryCompletion

impl IsA<CellLayout> for IconView

impl IsA<CellLayout> for TreeViewColumn

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererAccel

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererCombo

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererPixbuf

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererProgress

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererSpin

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererSpinner

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererText

impl IsA<CellRenderer> for CellRendererToggle

impl IsA<CellRendererText> for CellRendererAccel

impl IsA<CellRendererText> for CellRendererCombo

impl IsA<CellRendererText> for CellRendererSpin

impl IsA<CheckButton> for RadioButton

impl IsA<CheckMenuItem> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<ColorChooser> for ColorButton

impl IsA<ColorChooser> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<ColorChooser> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<ComboBox> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<ComboBox> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<Container> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Container> for ActionBar

impl IsA<Container> for Alignment

impl IsA<Container> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<Container> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Container> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Container> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Container> for AspectFrame

impl IsA<Container> for Assistant

impl IsA<Container> for Bin

impl IsA<Container> for Box

impl IsA<Container> for Button

impl IsA<Container> for ButtonBox

impl IsA<Container> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Container> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<Container> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Container> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Container> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<Container> for ComboBox

impl IsA<Container> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<Container> for Dialog

impl IsA<Container> for EventBox

impl IsA<Container> for Expander

impl IsA<Container> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<Container> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Container> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<Container> for Fixed

impl IsA<Container> for FlowBox

impl IsA<Container> for FlowBoxChild

impl IsA<Container> for FontButton

impl IsA<Container> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Container> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Container> for Frame

impl IsA<Container> for Grid

impl IsA<Container> for HeaderBar

impl IsA<Container> for IconView

impl IsA<Container> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<Container> for InfoBar

impl IsA<Container> for gtk::Layout

impl IsA<Container> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Container> for ListBox

impl IsA<Container> for ListBoxRow

impl IsA<Container> for LockButton

impl IsA<Container> for gtk::Menu

impl IsA<Container> for MenuBar

impl IsA<Container> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Container> for gtk::MenuItem

impl IsA<Container> for MenuShell

impl IsA<Container> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<Container> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Container> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Container> for Notebook

impl IsA<Container> for OffscreenWindow

impl IsA<Container> for Overlay

impl IsA<Container> for Paned

impl IsA<Container> for PlacesSidebar

impl IsA<Container> for Plug

impl IsA<Container> for Popover

impl IsA<Container> for PopoverMenu

impl IsA<Container> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Container> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<Container> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<Container> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Container> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<Container> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<Container> for Revealer

impl IsA<Container> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Container> for ScrolledWindow

impl IsA<Container> for SearchBar

impl IsA<Container> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<Container> for SeparatorToolItem

impl IsA<Container> for ShortcutsWindow

impl IsA<Container> for gtk::Socket

impl IsA<Container> for Stack

impl IsA<Container> for StackSidebar

impl IsA<Container> for StackSwitcher

impl IsA<Container> for Statusbar

impl IsA<Container> for TextView

impl IsA<Container> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Container> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<Container> for ToolButton

impl IsA<Container> for ToolItem

impl IsA<Container> for ToolItemGroup

impl IsA<Container> for ToolPalette

impl IsA<Container> for Toolbar

impl IsA<Container> for TreeView

impl IsA<Container> for Viewport

impl IsA<Container> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Container> for gtk::Window

impl IsA<Dialog> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Dialog> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Dialog> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Dialog> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Dialog> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Dialog> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Dialog> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Editable> for Entry

impl IsA<Editable> for SearchEntry

impl IsA<Editable> for SpinButton

impl IsA<Entry> for SearchEntry

impl IsA<Entry> for SpinButton

impl IsA<EventController> for Gesture

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureDrag

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureLongPress

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureMultiPress

impl IsA<EventController> for GesturePan

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureRotate

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureSingle

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureSwipe

impl IsA<EventController> for GestureZoom

impl IsA<EventController> for PadController

impl IsA<FileChooser> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<FileChooser> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<FileChooser> for FileChooserNative

impl IsA<FileChooser> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<FontChooser> for FontButton

impl IsA<FontChooser> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<FontChooser> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Frame> for AspectFrame

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureDrag

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureLongPress

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureMultiPress

impl IsA<Gesture> for GesturePan

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureRotate

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureSingle

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureSwipe

impl IsA<Gesture> for GestureZoom

impl IsA<GestureDrag> for GesturePan

impl IsA<GestureSingle> for GestureDrag

impl IsA<GestureSingle> for GestureLongPress

impl IsA<GestureSingle> for GestureMultiPress

impl IsA<GestureSingle> for GesturePan

impl IsA<GestureSingle> for GestureSwipe

impl IsA<IMContext> for IMContextSimple

impl IsA<IMContext> for IMMulticontext

impl IsA<Label> for AccelLabel

impl IsA<Menu> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<MenuItem> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<MenuItem> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<MenuItem> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<MenuItem> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<MenuShell> for gtk::Menu

impl IsA<MenuShell> for MenuBar

impl IsA<MenuShell> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<Misc> for AccelLabel

impl IsA<Misc> for Arrow

impl IsA<Misc> for Image

impl IsA<Misc> for Label

impl IsA<NativeDialog> for FileChooserNative

impl IsA<Object> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Object> for AccelGroup

impl IsA<Object> for AccelLabel

impl IsA<Object> for ActionBar

impl IsA<Object> for Actionable

impl IsA<Object> for Adjustment

impl IsA<Object> for Alignment

impl IsA<Object> for AppChooser

impl IsA<Object> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<Object> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Object> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::Application

impl IsA<Object> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Object> for Arrow

impl IsA<Object> for AspectFrame

impl IsA<Object> for Assistant

impl IsA<Object> for Bin

impl IsA<Object> for Box

impl IsA<Object> for Buildable

impl IsA<Object> for Builder

impl IsA<Object> for Button

impl IsA<Object> for ButtonBox

impl IsA<Object> for Calendar

impl IsA<Object> for CellArea

impl IsA<Object> for CellAreaBox

impl IsA<Object> for CellAreaContext

impl IsA<Object> for CellEditable

impl IsA<Object> for CellLayout

impl IsA<Object> for CellRenderer

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererAccel

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererCombo

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererPixbuf

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererProgress

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererSpin

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererSpinner

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererText

impl IsA<Object> for CellRendererToggle

impl IsA<Object> for CellView

impl IsA<Object> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Object> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<Object> for Clipboard

impl IsA<Object> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Object> for ColorChooser

impl IsA<Object> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Object> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<Object> for ComboBox

impl IsA<Object> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<Object> for Container

impl IsA<Object> for CssProvider

impl IsA<Object> for Dialog

impl IsA<Object> for DrawingArea

impl IsA<Object> for Editable

impl IsA<Object> for Entry

impl IsA<Object> for EntryBuffer

impl IsA<Object> for EntryCompletion

impl IsA<Object> for EventBox

impl IsA<Object> for EventController

impl IsA<Object> for Expander

impl IsA<Object> for FileChooser

impl IsA<Object> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<Object> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Object> for FileChooserNative

impl IsA<Object> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<Object> for FileFilter

impl IsA<Object> for Fixed

impl IsA<Object> for FlowBox

impl IsA<Object> for FlowBoxChild

impl IsA<Object> for FontButton

impl IsA<Object> for FontChooser

impl IsA<Object> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Object> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Object> for Frame

impl IsA<Object> for GLArea

impl IsA<Object> for Gesture

impl IsA<Object> for GestureDrag

impl IsA<Object> for GestureLongPress

impl IsA<Object> for GestureMultiPress

impl IsA<Object> for GesturePan

impl IsA<Object> for GestureRotate

impl IsA<Object> for GestureSingle

impl IsA<Object> for GestureSwipe

impl IsA<Object> for GestureZoom

impl IsA<Object> for Grid

impl IsA<Object> for HeaderBar

impl IsA<Object> for IMContext

impl IsA<Object> for IMContextSimple

impl IsA<Object> for IMMulticontext

impl IsA<Object> for IconFactory

impl IsA<Object> for IconInfo

impl IsA<Object> for IconTheme

impl IsA<Object> for IconView

impl IsA<Object> for Image

impl IsA<Object> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<Object> for InfoBar

impl IsA<Object> for Invisible

impl IsA<Object> for Label

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::Layout

impl IsA<Object> for LevelBar

impl IsA<Object> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Object> for ListBox

impl IsA<Object> for ListBoxRow

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::ListStore

impl IsA<Object> for LockButton

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::Menu

impl IsA<Object> for MenuBar

impl IsA<Object> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::MenuItem

impl IsA<Object> for MenuShell

impl IsA<Object> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<Object> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Object> for Misc

impl IsA<Object> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::MountOperation

impl IsA<Object> for NativeDialog

impl IsA<Object> for Notebook

impl IsA<Object> for OffscreenWindow

impl IsA<Object> for Orientable

impl IsA<Object> for Overlay

impl IsA<Object> for PadController

impl IsA<Object> for PageSetup

impl IsA<Object> for Paned

impl IsA<Object> for PlacesSidebar

impl IsA<Object> for Plug

impl IsA<Object> for Popover

impl IsA<Object> for PopoverMenu

impl IsA<Object> for PrintContext

impl IsA<Object> for PrintOperation

impl IsA<Object> for PrintOperationPreview

impl IsA<Object> for PrintSettings

impl IsA<Object> for ProgressBar

impl IsA<Object> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Object> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<Object> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<Object> for Range

impl IsA<Object> for RecentChooser

impl IsA<Object> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Object> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<Object> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<Object> for RecentFilter

impl IsA<Object> for RecentManager

impl IsA<Object> for Revealer

impl IsA<Object> for Scale

impl IsA<Object> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Object> for Scrollable

impl IsA<Object> for Scrollbar

impl IsA<Object> for ScrolledWindow

impl IsA<Object> for SearchBar

impl IsA<Object> for SearchEntry

impl IsA<Object> for Separator

impl IsA<Object> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<Object> for SeparatorToolItem

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::Settings

impl IsA<Object> for ShortcutsWindow

impl IsA<Object> for SizeGroup

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::Socket

impl IsA<Object> for SpinButton

impl IsA<Object> for Spinner

impl IsA<Object> for Stack

impl IsA<Object> for StackSidebar

impl IsA<Object> for StackSwitcher

impl IsA<Object> for StatusIcon

impl IsA<Object> for Statusbar

impl IsA<Object> for StyleContext

impl IsA<Object> for StyleProperties

impl IsA<Object> for StyleProvider

impl IsA<Object> for Switch

impl IsA<Object> for TextBuffer

impl IsA<Object> for TextChildAnchor

impl IsA<Object> for TextMark

impl IsA<Object> for TextTag

impl IsA<Object> for TextTagTable

impl IsA<Object> for TextView

impl IsA<Object> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Object> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<Object> for ToolButton

impl IsA<Object> for ToolItem

impl IsA<Object> for ToolItemGroup

impl IsA<Object> for ToolPalette

impl IsA<Object> for ToolShell

impl IsA<Object> for Toolbar

impl IsA<Object> for Tooltip

impl IsA<Object> for TreeDragDest

impl IsA<Object> for TreeDragSource

impl IsA<Object> for TreeModel

impl IsA<Object> for TreeModelFilter

impl IsA<Object> for TreeSelection

impl IsA<Object> for TreeSortable

impl IsA<Object> for TreeStore

impl IsA<Object> for TreeView

impl IsA<Object> for TreeViewColumn

impl IsA<Object> for Viewport

impl IsA<Object> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Object> for Widget

impl IsA<Object> for gtk::Window

impl IsA<Object> for WindowGroup

impl IsA<Orientable> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Orientable> for Box

impl IsA<Orientable> for ButtonBox

impl IsA<Orientable> for CellAreaBox

impl IsA<Orientable> for CellRendererProgress

impl IsA<Orientable> for CellView

impl IsA<Orientable> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<Orientable> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<Orientable> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<Orientable> for FlowBox

impl IsA<Orientable> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Orientable> for Grid

impl IsA<Orientable> for InfoBar

impl IsA<Orientable> for LevelBar

impl IsA<Orientable> for Paned

impl IsA<Orientable> for ProgressBar

impl IsA<Orientable> for Range

impl IsA<Orientable> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<Orientable> for Scale

impl IsA<Orientable> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Orientable> for Scrollbar

impl IsA<Orientable> for Separator

impl IsA<Orientable> for SpinButton

impl IsA<Orientable> for StackSwitcher

impl IsA<Orientable> for Statusbar

impl IsA<Orientable> for ToolPalette

impl IsA<Orientable> for Toolbar

impl IsA<Orientable> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Popover> for PopoverMenu

impl IsA<PrintOperationPreview> for PrintOperation

impl IsA<Range> for Scale

impl IsA<Range> for Scrollbar

impl IsA<RecentChooser> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<RecentChooser> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<RecentChooser> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<ScaleButton> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Scrollable> for IconView

impl IsA<Scrollable> for gtk::Layout

impl IsA<Scrollable> for TextView

impl IsA<Scrollable> for ToolPalette

impl IsA<Scrollable> for TreeView

impl IsA<Scrollable> for Viewport

impl IsA<ScrolledWindow> for PlacesSidebar

impl IsA<StyleProvider> for CssProvider

impl IsA<StyleProvider> for gtk::Settings

impl IsA<StyleProvider> for StyleProperties

impl IsA<ToggleButton> for CheckButton

impl IsA<ToggleButton> for MenuButton

impl IsA<ToggleButton> for RadioButton

impl IsA<ToggleToolButton> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<ToolButton> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<ToolButton> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<ToolButton> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<ToolItem> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<ToolItem> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<ToolItem> for SeparatorToolItem

impl IsA<ToolItem> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<ToolItem> for ToolButton

impl IsA<ToolShell> for ToolItemGroup

impl IsA<ToolShell> for Toolbar

impl IsA<TreeDragDest> for gtk::ListStore

impl IsA<TreeDragDest> for TreeStore

impl IsA<TreeDragSource> for gtk::ListStore

impl IsA<TreeDragSource> for TreeModelFilter

impl IsA<TreeDragSource> for TreeStore

impl IsA<TreeModel> for gtk::ListStore

impl IsA<TreeModel> for TreeModelFilter

impl IsA<TreeModel> for TreeSortable

impl IsA<TreeModel> for TreeStore

impl IsA<TreeSortable> for gtk::ListStore

impl IsA<TreeSortable> for TreeStore

impl IsA<Widget> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for AccelLabel

impl IsA<Widget> for ActionBar

impl IsA<Widget> for Actionable

impl IsA<Widget> for Alignment

impl IsA<Widget> for AppChooser

impl IsA<Widget> for AppChooserButton

impl IsA<Widget> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for AppChooserWidget

impl IsA<Widget> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Widget> for Arrow

impl IsA<Widget> for AspectFrame

impl IsA<Widget> for Assistant

impl IsA<Widget> for Bin

impl IsA<Widget> for Box

impl IsA<Widget> for Button

impl IsA<Widget> for ButtonBox

impl IsA<Widget> for Calendar

impl IsA<Widget> for CellEditable

impl IsA<Widget> for CellView

impl IsA<Widget> for CheckButton

impl IsA<Widget> for CheckMenuItem

impl IsA<Widget> for ColorButton

impl IsA<Widget> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for ColorChooserWidget

impl IsA<Widget> for ComboBox

impl IsA<Widget> for ComboBoxText

impl IsA<Widget> for Container

impl IsA<Widget> for Dialog

impl IsA<Widget> for DrawingArea

impl IsA<Widget> for Entry

impl IsA<Widget> for EventBox

impl IsA<Widget> for Expander

impl IsA<Widget> for FileChooserButton

impl IsA<Widget> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for FileChooserWidget

impl IsA<Widget> for Fixed

impl IsA<Widget> for FlowBox

impl IsA<Widget> for FlowBoxChild

impl IsA<Widget> for FontButton

impl IsA<Widget> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for FontChooserWidget

impl IsA<Widget> for Frame

impl IsA<Widget> for GLArea

impl IsA<Widget> for Grid

impl IsA<Widget> for HeaderBar

impl IsA<Widget> for IconView

impl IsA<Widget> for Image

impl IsA<Widget> for ImageMenuItem

impl IsA<Widget> for InfoBar

impl IsA<Widget> for Invisible

impl IsA<Widget> for Label

impl IsA<Widget> for gtk::Layout

impl IsA<Widget> for LevelBar

impl IsA<Widget> for LinkButton

impl IsA<Widget> for ListBox

impl IsA<Widget> for ListBoxRow

impl IsA<Widget> for LockButton

impl IsA<Widget> for gtk::Menu

impl IsA<Widget> for MenuBar

impl IsA<Widget> for MenuButton

impl IsA<Widget> for gtk::MenuItem

impl IsA<Widget> for MenuShell

impl IsA<Widget> for MenuToolButton

impl IsA<Widget> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for Misc

impl IsA<Widget> for ModelButton

impl IsA<Widget> for Notebook

impl IsA<Widget> for OffscreenWindow

impl IsA<Widget> for Overlay

impl IsA<Widget> for Paned

impl IsA<Widget> for PlacesSidebar

impl IsA<Widget> for Plug

impl IsA<Widget> for Popover

impl IsA<Widget> for PopoverMenu

impl IsA<Widget> for ProgressBar

impl IsA<Widget> for RadioButton

impl IsA<Widget> for RadioMenuItem

impl IsA<Widget> for RadioToolButton

impl IsA<Widget> for Range

impl IsA<Widget> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Widget> for RecentChooserMenu

impl IsA<Widget> for RecentChooserWidget

impl IsA<Widget> for Revealer

impl IsA<Widget> for Scale

impl IsA<Widget> for ScaleButton

impl IsA<Widget> for Scrollbar

impl IsA<Widget> for ScrolledWindow

impl IsA<Widget> for SearchBar

impl IsA<Widget> for SearchEntry

impl IsA<Widget> for Separator

impl IsA<Widget> for SeparatorMenuItem

impl IsA<Widget> for SeparatorToolItem

impl IsA<Widget> for ShortcutsWindow

impl IsA<Widget> for gtk::Socket

impl IsA<Widget> for SpinButton

impl IsA<Widget> for Spinner

impl IsA<Widget> for Stack

impl IsA<Widget> for StackSidebar

impl IsA<Widget> for StackSwitcher

impl IsA<Widget> for Statusbar

impl IsA<Widget> for Switch

impl IsA<Widget> for TextView

impl IsA<Widget> for ToggleButton

impl IsA<Widget> for ToggleToolButton

impl IsA<Widget> for ToolButton

impl IsA<Widget> for ToolItem

impl IsA<Widget> for ToolItemGroup

impl IsA<Widget> for ToolPalette

impl IsA<Widget> for ToolShell

impl IsA<Widget> for Toolbar

impl IsA<Widget> for TreeView

impl IsA<Widget> for Viewport

impl IsA<Widget> for VolumeButton

impl IsA<Widget> for gtk::Window

impl IsA<Window> for AboutDialog

impl IsA<Window> for AppChooserDialog

impl IsA<Window> for ApplicationWindow

impl IsA<Window> for Assistant

impl IsA<Window> for ColorChooserDialog

impl IsA<Window> for Dialog

impl IsA<Window> for FileChooserDialog

impl IsA<Window> for FontChooserDialog

impl IsA<Window> for MessageDialog

impl IsA<Window> for OffscreenWindow

impl IsA<Window> for Plug

impl IsA<Window> for RecentChooserDialog

impl IsA<Window> for ShortcutsWindow

impl<T> IsA<T> for T where
    T: StaticType + Wrapper + Into<ObjectRef> + UnsafeFrom<ObjectRef> + ToGlibPtr<'a, *mut <T as Wrapper>::GlibType>,