[][src]Enum gtk::PropagationPhase

#[non_exhaustive]pub enum PropagationPhase {
    // some variants omitted

Describes the stage at which events are fed into a EventController.

Variants (Non-exhaustive)

Non-exhaustive enums could have additional variants added in future. Therefore, when matching against variants of non-exhaustive enums, an extra wildcard arm must be added to account for any future variants.

Events are not delivered automatically. Those can be manually fed through EventControllerExt::handle_event. This should only be used when full control about when, or whether the controller handles the event is needed.


Events are delivered in the capture phase. The capture phase happens before the bubble phase, runs from the toplevel down to the event widget. This option should only be used on containers that might possibly handle events before their children do.


Events are delivered in the bubble phase. The bubble phase happens after the capture phase, and before the default handlers are run. This phase runs from the event widget, up to the toplevel.


Events are delivered in the default widget event handlers, note that widget implementations must chain up on button, motion, touch and grab broken handlers for controllers in this phase to be run.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PropagationPhase[src]

impl Copy for PropagationPhase[src]

impl Debug for PropagationPhase[src]

impl Display for PropagationPhase[src]

impl Eq for PropagationPhase[src]

impl<'a> FromValue<'a> for PropagationPhase[src]

impl<'a> FromValueOptional<'a> for PropagationPhase[src]

impl Hash for PropagationPhase[src]

impl Ord for PropagationPhase[src]

impl PartialEq<PropagationPhase> for PropagationPhase[src]

impl PartialOrd<PropagationPhase> for PropagationPhase[src]

impl SetValue for PropagationPhase[src]

impl StaticType for PropagationPhase[src]

impl StructuralEq for PropagationPhase[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for PropagationPhase[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for PropagationPhase

impl Send for PropagationPhase

impl Sync for PropagationPhase

impl Unpin for PropagationPhase

impl UnwindSafe for PropagationPhase

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