[][src]Trait pangocairo::FontMapExt

pub trait FontMapExt: 'static {
    fn get_resolution(&self) -> f64;
fn set_resolution(&self, dpi: f64); }

Trait containing all FontMap methods.



Required methods

fn get_resolution(&self) -> f64

Gets the resolution for the fontmap. See FontMap::set_resolution


the resolution in "dots per inch"

fn set_resolution(&self, dpi: f64)

Sets the resolution for the fontmap. This is a scale factor between points specified in a pango::FontDescription and Cairo units. The default value is 96, meaning that a 10 point font will be 13 units high. (10 * 96. / 72. = 13.3).


the resolution in "dots per inch". (Physical inches aren't actually involved; the terminology is conventional.)

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impl<O: IsA<FontMap>> FontMapExt for O[src]

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