pub fn content_type_set_mime_dirs(dirs: &[&str])
Available on crate feature v2_60 only.
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Set the list of directories used by GIO to load the MIME database. If dirs is None, the directories used are the default:

  • the mime subdirectory of the directory in $XDG_DATA_HOME
  • the mime subdirectory of every directory in $XDG_DATA_DIRS

This function is intended to be used when writing tests that depend on information stored in the MIME database, in order to control the data.

Typically, in case your tests use G_TEST_OPTION_ISOLATE_DIRS, but they depend on the system’s MIME database, you should call this function with dirs set to None before calling g_test_init(), for instance:

⚠️ The following code is in C ⚠️

  // Load MIME data from the system
  g_content_type_set_mime_dirs (NULL);
  // Isolate the environment
  g_test_init (&argc, &argv, G_TEST_OPTION_ISOLATE_DIRS, NULL);


  return g_test_run ();


None-terminated list of directories to load MIME data from, including any mime/ subdirectory, and with the first directory to try listed first