Function gio::functions::dbus_gvariant_to_gvalue

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pub fn dbus_gvariant_to_gvalue(value: &Variant) -> Value
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Converts a #GVariant to a #GValue. If @value is floating, it is consumed.

The rules specified in the g_dbus_gvalue_to_gvariant() function are used - this function is essentially its reverse form. So, a #GVariant containing any basic or string array type will be converted to a #GValue containing a basic value or string array. Any other #GVariant (handle, variant, tuple, dict entry) will be converted to a #GValue containing that #GVariant.

The conversion never fails - a valid #GValue is always returned in @out_gvalue.


A #GVariant.



Return location pointing to a zero-filled (uninitialized) #GValue.