Converts extents from Pango units to device units.

Searches a string the first character that has a strong direction, according to the Unicode bidirectional algorithm.

Locates a paragraph boundary in @text.

Checks if a character that should not be normally rendered.

Breaks a piece of text into segments with consistent directional level and font.

Like pango_itemize(), but with an explicitly specified base direction.

Parses marked-up text to create a plain-text string and an attribute list.

Parses a font stretch.

Parses a font style.

Parses a font variant.

Parses a font weight.

Quantizes the thickness and position of a line to whole device pixels.

Convert the characters in @text into glyphs.

Determines the inherent direction of a character.

Converts a floating-point number to Pango units.

Converts a number in Pango units to floating-point.

Returns the encoded version of Pango available at run-time.

Checks that the Pango library in use is compatible with the given version.

Returns the version of Pango available at run-time.