Trait gsk4::prelude::RendererExt[][src]

pub trait RendererExt: 'static {
    fn surface(&self) -> Option<Surface>;
fn is_realized(&self) -> bool;
fn realize(&self, surface: &Surface) -> Result<(), Error>;
fn unrealize(&self);
fn connect_realized_notify<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(
        f: F
    ) -> SignalHandlerId;
fn connect_surface_notify<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(
        f: F
    ) -> SignalHandlerId; }
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Required methods

Retrieves the gdk::Surface set using gsk_enderer_realize().

If the renderer has not been realized yet, None will be returned.


a gdk::Surface

Checks whether the self is realized or not.


true if the Renderer was realized, and false otherwise

Creates the resources needed by the self to render the scene graph.


the gdk::Surface renderer will be used on

Releases all the resources created by realize().