Trait gtk4::prelude::CellEditableExtManual[][src]

pub trait CellEditableExtManual {
    fn start_editing<P: AsRef<Event>>(&self, event: Option<&P>);

Required methods

Begins editing on a self.

The CellRenderer for the cell creates and returns a CellEditable from CellRendererExtManual::start_editing(), configured for the CellRenderer type.

CellEditableExtManual::start_editing() can then set up self suitably for editing a cell, e.g. making the Esc key emit GtkCellEditable::editing-done.

Note that the self is created on-demand for the current edit; its lifetime is temporary and does not persist across other edits and/or cells.


The gdk::Event that began the editing process, or None if editing was initiated programmatically