Unlocking the GNOME stack for Rust §

The gtk-rs project provides safe bindings to the Rust language for fundamental libraries from the GNOME stack like GLib, Cairo, GTK 3 and GTK 4.

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Available crates §

The following table contains the most popular crates of gtk-rs. More information on all existing crates is available under the corresponding links in the Project column in the table below.

Core cairo-rs cairo-rs
gio gio
glib glib
pango pango
GTK 3 gtk gtk
GTK 4 gtk4 gtk4

The introductory book §

The gtk-rs ecosystem §

By now, a number of additional bindings for GObject based libraries exist. While not part of the gtk-rs project, many of them are developed in close collaboration. Notable other projects within the gtk-rs ecosystem are

More bindings can be found as part of the GNOME GitLab Rust Group.

All these bindings are generated on the basis of GObject introspection (GIR). The book Generate Rust bindings for GIR based libraries provides the documentation for the tools that gtk-rs provides to generate such bindings.

Apps built with gtk-rs §

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Sponsors §

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