Our project formerly known as “rgtk” and “rust-gnome”1 has adopted the name Gtk-rs and we welcome you at our brand new website!

The site §

This site is going to be the place to get news about breaking changes and development progress. We will post building instructions, examples, best practices and crates documentation.

We’re starting small though, with just an introduction and a blog. Everyone is welcome to help us improve both the content and the design of this site by opening PRs against the gtk-rs.github.io repo.

Whenever you cargo update the crates, check the Announcements to learn about possible breakage. If you’re interested in the internals and development of these bindings, subscribe to the blog.

The GitHub organization §

If you have cloned any of our repositories, you’ll need to update the organization name, which is a part of the url, to gtk-rs. The following should be sufficient in most cases.

git remote -v | awk '/rust-gnome/ { \
    url = $2; \
    sub("/rust-gnome/", "/gtk-rs/", url); \
    print "git remote set-url origin " url " " $2 \
}' | sort -u | sh
  1. Since we’re not a part of GNOME, it was deemed inappropriate for us to use that name.