In the last months, a lot of things happened. We know people are expecting the new release, but please be a bit more patient, it’s on its way! Today I wrote this post in order to announce two things:

New members §

First, @sdroege and @antoyo are now official members of gtk-rs, congratulations to them!

  • @sdroege is behind a lot of the recent changes in the glib crate and made a lot of other contributions as well. He’s also the owner of the gstreamer bindings in Rust.
  • @antoyo is the creator of the relm crate and also the one who wrote the bindings for webkit2gtk-rs.

They’re both extraordinary contributors to the GNOME environment in Rust and it’s a real honor for me to be able to work with them!

New crates §

When joining us, @antoyo also added the following crates:

We intend to release a version on as soon as possible (but it won’t be the new release for all other gtk-rs crates!).

Conclusion §

That’s it for the big news. We’re still working really hard for the next gtk-rs release. There will be breaking changes so it’ll be a major release.

Until then, Rust well!