Hi everyone!

The gtk-rs organization has been created in 2015. The original goal was to bring GTK library and other libraries from the GNOME platform to the Rust language. We now provide 19 bindings and that number will certainly increase even more in the future.

As this number continues to increase, our needs are increasing as well. At the same time, various people were asking in the past how they could support us but we could never give a useful answer to that. To solve this problem we decided to open a “collective” on opencollective. The goal is to raise money to fulfill the project’s needs such as:

  • Sponsoring hackfests (happening twice a year) would be great, but paying a dinner for everyone or a round of drinks would be a great start!
  • Remunerating contributors

It would also allow to start improving the project itself more directly:

  • Pay for a better CI (it’s becoming a huge issue)
  • Renting a server to run bots and such to make repositories handling easier
  • Etc…

If you’re using gtk-rs and want/can support us, any donation is very welcome and can be done here.