Trait gio::prelude::AppInfoExtManual[][src]

pub trait AppInfoExtManual: 'static {
    fn launch_uris_async<P: IsA<AppLaunchContext>, Q: IsA<Cancellable>, R: FnOnce(Result<(), Error>) + Send + 'static>(
        uris: &[&str],
        context: Option<&P>,
        cancellable: Option<&Q>,
        callback: R
fn launch_uris_async_future<P: IsA<AppLaunchContext> + Clone + 'static>(
        uris: &[&str],
        context: Option<&P>
    ) -> Pin<Box_<dyn Future<Output = Result<(), Error>> + 'static>>; }

Required methods

This is supported on crate feature v2_60 only.

Async version of AppInfoExt::launch_uris().

The callback is invoked immediately after the application launch, but it waits for activation in case of D-Bus–activated applications and also provides extended error information for sandboxed applications, see notes for AppInfo::launch_default_for_uri_async().


a GList containing URIs to launch.


a AppLaunchContext or None


a Cancellable


a GAsyncReadyCallback to call when the request is done

This is supported on crate feature v2_60 only.