Trait gio::prelude::MenuAttributeIterExt[][src]

pub trait MenuAttributeIterExt: 'static {
    fn next(&self) -> Option<(GString, Variant)>;
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Trait containing all MenuAttributeIter methods.



Required methods

This function combines g_menu_attribute_iter_next() with g_menu_attribute_iter_get_name() and g_menu_attribute_iter_get_value().

First the iterator is advanced to the next (possibly first) attribute. If that fails, then false is returned and there are no other effects.

If successful, name and value are set to the name and value of the attribute that has just been advanced to. At this point, g_menu_attribute_iter_get_name() and g_menu_attribute_iter_get_value() will return the same values again.

The value returned in name remains valid for as long as the iterator remains at the current position. The value returned in value must be unreffed using g_variant_unref() when it is no longer in use.


true on success, or false if there is no additional attribute


the type of the attribute


the attribute value