Trait gio::prelude::PollableOutputStreamExtManual[][src]

pub trait PollableOutputStreamExtManual {
    fn create_source<F, C>(
        cancellable: Option<&C>,
        name: Option<&str>,
        priority: Priority,
        func: F
    ) -> Source
        F: FnMut(&Self) -> Continue + 'static,
        C: IsA<Cancellable>
fn create_source_future<C: IsA<Cancellable>>(
        cancellable: Option<&C>,
        priority: Priority
    ) -> Pin<Box<dyn Future<Output = ()> + 'static>>;
fn create_source_stream<C: IsA<Cancellable>>(
        cancellable: Option<&C>,
        priority: Priority
    ) -> Pin<Box<dyn Stream<Item = ()> + 'static>>; fn into_async_write(self) -> Result<OutputStreamAsyncWrite<Self>, Self>
        Self: IsA<PollableOutputStream>
, { ... } }

Required methods

Creates a glib::Source that triggers when self can be written, or cancellable is triggered or an error occurs. The callback on the source is of the GPollableSourceFunc type.

As with PollableOutputStreamExt::is_writable(), it is possible that the stream may not actually be writable even after the source triggers, so you should use PollableOutputStreamExt::write_nonblocking() rather than OutputStreamExt::write() from the callback.


a Cancellable, or None


a new glib::Source

Provided methods