Trait glib::subclass::object::ObjectImpl[][src]

pub trait ObjectImpl: ObjectSubclass + ObjectImplExt {
    fn properties() -> &'static [ParamSpec] { ... }
fn signals() -> &'static [Signal] { ... }
fn set_property(
        _obj: &Self::Type,
        _id: usize,
        _value: &Value,
        _pspec: &ParamSpec
    ) { ... }
fn property(
        _obj: &Self::Type,
        _id: usize,
        _pspec: &ParamSpec
    ) -> Value { ... }
fn constructed(&self, obj: &Self::Type) { ... }
fn dispose(&self, _obj: &Self::Type) { ... } }
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Trait for implementors of glib::Object subclasses.

This allows overriding the virtual methods of glib::Object.

Provided methods

Properties installed for this type.

Signals installed for this type.

Property setter.

This is called whenever the property of this specific subclass with the given index is set. The new value is passed as glib::Value.

Property getter.

This is called whenever the property value of the specific subclass with the given index should be returned.


This is called once construction of the instance is finished.

Should chain up to the parent class’ implementation.

Disposes of the object.

When dispose() ends, the object should not hold any reference to any other member object. The object is also expected to be able to answer client method invocations (with possibly an error code but no memory violation) until it is dropped. dispose() can be executed more than once.