pub fn dbus_address_get_stream_sync(
    address: &str,
    cancellable: Option<&impl IsA<Cancellable>>
) -> Result<(IOStream, Option<GString>), Error>
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Synchronously connects to an endpoint specified by address and sets up the connection so it is in a state to run the client-side of the D-Bus authentication conversation. address must be in the D-Bus address format.

A server is not required to set a GUID, so out_guid may be set to None even on success.

This is a synchronous failable function. See dbus_address_get_stream() for the asynchronous version.


A valid D-Bus address.


A Cancellable or None.


A IOStream or None if error is set.


None or return location to store the GUID extracted from address, if any.