Trait glib::error::ErrorDomain

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pub trait ErrorDomain: Copy {
    // Required methods
    fn domain() -> Quark;
    fn code(self) -> i32;
    fn from(code: i32) -> Option<Self>
       where Self: Sized;
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GLib error domain.

This trait is implemented by error enums that represent error domains (types).

Required Methods§


fn domain() -> Quark

Returns the quark identifying the error domain.

As returned from g_some_error_quark.


fn code(self) -> i32

Gets the integer representation of the variant.


fn from(code: i32) -> Option<Self>where Self: Sized,

Tries to convert an integer code to an enum variant.

By convention, the Failed variant, if present, is a catch-all, i.e. any unrecognized codes map to it.