[][src]Enum gio::FileType

#[non_exhaustive]pub enum FileType {
    // some variants omitted

Indicates the file's on-disk type.

On Windows systems a file will never have FileType::SymbolicLink type; use FileInfo and G_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_STANDARD_IS_SYMLINK to determine whether a file is a symlink or not. This is due to the fact that NTFS does not have a single filesystem object type for symbolic links - it has files that symlink to files, and directories that symlink to directories. FileType enumeration cannot precisely represent this important distinction, which is why all Windows symlinks will continue to be reported as FileType::Regular or FileType::Directory.

Variants (Non-exhaustive)

Non-exhaustive enums could have additional variants added in future. Therefore, when matching against variants of non-exhaustive enums, an extra wildcard arm must be added to account for any future variants.

File's type is unknown.


File handle represents a regular file.


File handle represents a directory.

File handle represents a symbolic link (Unix systems).


File is a "special" file, such as a socket, fifo, block device, or character device.


File is a shortcut (Windows systems).


File is a mountable location.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for FileType[src]

impl Copy for FileType[src]

impl Debug for FileType[src]

impl Display for FileType[src]

impl Eq for FileType[src]

impl<'a> FromValue<'a> for FileType[src]

impl<'a> FromValueOptional<'a> for FileType[src]

impl Hash for FileType[src]

impl Ord for FileType[src]

impl PartialEq<FileType> for FileType[src]

impl PartialOrd<FileType> for FileType[src]

impl SetValue for FileType[src]

impl StaticType for FileType[src]

impl StructuralEq for FileType[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for FileType[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for FileType

impl Send for FileType

impl Sync for FileType

impl Unpin for FileType

impl UnwindSafe for FileType

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