[][src]Trait glib::object::ObjectType

pub unsafe trait ObjectType: UnsafeFrom<ObjectRef> + Into<ObjectRef> + StaticType + Debug + Clone + PartialEq + Eq + PartialOrd + Ord + Hash + for<'a> ToGlibPtr<'a, *mut Self::GlibType> + 'static {
    type GlibType: 'static;
    type GlibClassType: 'static;
    type RustClassType: 'static;
    fn as_object_ref(&self) -> &ObjectRef;
fn as_ptr(&self) -> *mut Self::GlibType; }

Implemented by types representing glib::Object and subclasses of it.

Associated Types

type GlibType: 'static

type of the FFI Instance structure.

type GlibClassType: 'static

type of the FFI Class structure.

type RustClassType: 'static

type of the Rust Class structure.

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Required methods

fn as_object_ref(&self) -> &ObjectRef

fn as_ptr(&self) -> *mut Self::GlibType

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