pub trait FontFaceExt: 'static {
    fn describe(&self) -> Option<FontDescription>;
    fn face_name(&self) -> Option<GString>;
    fn family(&self) -> Option<FontFamily>;
    fn is_synthesized(&self) -> bool;
    fn list_sizes(&self) -> Vec<i32>;
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Trait containing all FontFace methods.



Required Methods

Returns a font description that matches the face.

The resulting font description will have the family, style, variant, weight and stretch of the face, but its size field will be unset.


a newly-created FontDescription structure holding the description of the face. Use Pango::FontDescription::free() to free the result.

Gets a name representing the style of this face.

Note that a font family may contain multiple faces with the same name (e.g. a variable and a non-variable face for the same style).


the face name for the face. This string is owned by the face object and must not be modified or freed.

Available on crate feature v1_46 only.

Gets the FontFamily that @self belongs to.


the FontFamily

Returns whether a FontFace is synthesized.

This will be the case if the underlying font rendering engine creates this face from another face, by shearing, emboldening, lightening or modifying it in some other way.


whether @self is synthesized

List the available sizes for a font.

This is only applicable to bitmap fonts. For scalable fonts, stores None at the location pointed to by @sizes and 0 at the location pointed to by @n_sizes. The sizes returned are in Pango units and are sorted in ascending order.


location to store a pointer to an array of int. This array should be freed with g_free().