pub union GdkEvent {
Show 25 fields pub type_: GdkEventType, pub any: GdkEventAny, pub expose: GdkEventExpose, pub visibility: GdkEventVisibility, pub motion: GdkEventMotion, pub button: GdkEventButton, pub touch: GdkEventTouch, pub scroll: GdkEventScroll, pub key: GdkEventKey, pub crossing: GdkEventCrossing, pub focus_change: GdkEventFocus, pub configure: GdkEventConfigure, pub property: GdkEventProperty, pub selection: GdkEventSelection, pub owner_change: GdkEventOwnerChange, pub proximity: GdkEventProximity, pub dnd: GdkEventDND, pub window_state: GdkEventWindowState, pub setting: GdkEventSetting, pub grab_broken: GdkEventGrabBroken, pub touchpad_swipe: GdkEventTouchpadSwipe, pub touchpad_pinch: GdkEventTouchpadPinch, pub pad_button: GdkEventPadButton, pub pad_axis: GdkEventPadAxis, pub pad_group_mode: GdkEventPadGroupMode,


type_: GdkEventTypeany: GdkEventAnyexpose: GdkEventExposevisibility: GdkEventVisibilitymotion: GdkEventMotionbutton: GdkEventButtontouch: GdkEventTouchscroll: GdkEventScrollkey: GdkEventKeycrossing: GdkEventCrossingfocus_change: GdkEventFocusconfigure: GdkEventConfigureproperty: GdkEventPropertyselection: GdkEventSelectionowner_change: GdkEventOwnerChangeproximity: GdkEventProximitydnd: GdkEventDNDwindow_state: GdkEventWindowStatesetting: GdkEventSettinggrab_broken: GdkEventGrabBrokentouchpad_swipe: GdkEventTouchpadSwipetouchpad_pinch: GdkEventTouchpadPinchpad_button: GdkEventPadButtonpad_axis: GdkEventPadAxispad_group_mode: GdkEventPadGroupMode

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The type returned in the event of a conversion error.

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