pub fn test_widget_click(
    widget: &impl IsA<Widget>,
    button: u32,
    modifiers: ModifierType
) -> bool
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This function will generate a button click (button press and button release event) in the middle of the first GdkWindow found that belongs to widget. For windowless widgets like Button (which returns false from WidgetExt::has_window()), this will often be an input-only event window. For other widgets, this is usually widget->window. Certain caveats should be considered when using this function, in particular because the mouse pointer is warped to the button click location, see gdk_test_simulate_button() for details.

Deprecated since 3.20

This testing infrastructure is phased out in favor of reftests.


Widget to generate a button click on.


Number of the pointer button for the event, usually 1, 2 or 3.


Keyboard modifiers the event is setup with.


whether all actions neccessary for the button click simulation were carried out successfully.