pub trait TreeModelExtManual: 'static {
    fn get_value(&self, iter: &TreeIter, column: i32) -> Value;
    fn get<V: for<'b> FromValue<'b> + 'static>(
        iter: &TreeIter,
        column: i32
    ) -> V; }
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Trait containing manually implemented methods of TreeModel.

Required Methods

Similar to Self::get_value but panics if the value is of a different type. Gets the value of one or more cells in the row referenced by @iter.

The variable argument list should contain integer column numbers, each column number followed by a place to store the value being retrieved. The list is terminated by a -1. For example, to get a value from column 0 with type G_TYPE_STRING, you would write: gtk_tree_model_get (model, iter, 0, &place_string_here, -1), where place_string_here is a #gchararray to be filled with the string.

Returned values with type G_TYPE_OBJECT have to be unreferenced, values with type G_TYPE_STRING or G_TYPE_BOXED have to be freed. Other values are passed by value.


a row in @self