pub trait NativeDialogImpl: NativeDialogImplExt + ObjectImpl {
    // Provided methods
    fn response(&self, response: ResponseType) { ... }
    fn show(&self) { ... }
    fn hide(&self) { ... }
👎Deprecated: Since 4.10

Provided Methods§


fn response(&self, response: ResponseType)

👎Deprecated: Since 4.10

class handler for the GtkNativeDialog::response signal


fn show(&self)

👎Deprecated: Since 4.10

Shows the dialog on the display.

When the user accepts the state of the dialog the dialog will be automatically hidden and the response signal will be emitted.

Multiple calls while the dialog is visible will be ignored.


fn hide(&self)

👎Deprecated: Since 4.10

Hides the dialog if it is visible, aborting any interaction.

Once this is called the response signal will not be emitted until after the next call to NativeDialogExt::show().

If the dialog is not visible this does nothing.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.