pub trait SocketConnectableExt: 'static {
    // Required methods
    fn enumerate(&self) -> SocketAddressEnumerator;
    fn proxy_enumerate(&self) -> SocketAddressEnumerator;
    fn to_string(&self) -> GString;
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Required Methods§


fn enumerate(&self) -> SocketAddressEnumerator


fn proxy_enumerate(&self) -> SocketAddressEnumerator

Creates a SocketAddressEnumerator for self that will return a ProxyAddress for each of its addresses that you must connect to via a proxy.

If self does not implement proxy_enumerate(), this will fall back to calling enumerate().


a new SocketAddressEnumerator.


fn to_string(&self) -> GString

Format a SocketConnectable as a string. This is a human-readable format for use in debugging output, and is not a stable serialization format. It is not suitable for use in user interfaces as it exposes too much information for a user.

If the SocketConnectable implementation does not support string formatting, the implementation’s type name will be returned as a fallback.


the formatted string