Function pango::itemize

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pub fn itemize(
    context: &Context,
    text: &str,
    start_index: i32,
    length: i32,
    attrs: &AttrList,
    cached_iter: Option<&AttrIterator<'_>>
) -> Vec<Item>
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Breaks a piece of text into segments with consistent directional level and font.

Each byte of @text will be contained in exactly one of the items in the returned list; the generated list of items will be in logical order (the start offsets of the items are ascending).

@cached_iter should be an iterator over @attrs currently positioned at a range before or containing @start_index; @cached_iter will be advanced to the range covering the position just after @start_index + @length. (i.e. if itemizing in a loop, just keep passing in the same @cached_iter).


a structure holding information that affects the itemization process.


the text to itemize. Must be valid UTF-8


first byte in @text to process


the number of bytes (not characters) to process after @start_index. This must be >= 0.


the set of attributes that apply to @text.


Cached attribute iterator


a GList of Item structures. The items should be freed using Pango::Item::free() in combination with GLib::List::free_full().