Trait gtk4::prelude::IMMulticontextExt

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pub trait IMMulticontextExt: IsA<IMMulticontext> + Sealed + 'static {
    // Provided methods
    fn context_id(&self) -> GString { ... }
    fn set_context_id(&self, context_id: Option<&str>) { ... }
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Trait containing all IMMulticontext methods.



Provided Methods§


fn context_id(&self) -> GString

Gets the id of the currently active delegate of the @self.


the id of the currently active delegate


fn set_context_id(&self, context_id: Option<&str>)

Sets the context id for @self.

This causes the currently active delegate of @self to be replaced by the delegate corresponding to the new context id.

Setting this to a non-None value overrides the system-wide IM module setting. See the gtk-im-module property.


the id to use

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.