pub trait ColorChooserExtManual: 'static {
    fn add_palette(
        orientation: Orientation,
        colors_per_line: i32,
        colors: &[RGBA]
    ); }

Required Methods

Adds a palette to the color chooser. If orientation is horizontal, the colors are grouped in rows, with colors_per_line colors in each row. If horizontal is false, the colors are grouped in columns instead.

The default color palette of ColorChooserWidget has 27 colors, organized in columns of 3 colors. The default gray palette has 9 grays in a single row.

The layout of the color chooser widget works best when the palettes have 9-10 columns.

Calling this function for the first time has the side effect of removing the default color and gray palettes from the color chooser.

If colors is None, removes all previously added palettes.


Orientation::Horizontal if the palette should be displayed in rows, Orientation::Vertical for columns


the number of colors to show in each row/column


the colors of the palette, or None