Trait gio::prelude::BufferedOutputStreamExt[][src]

pub trait BufferedOutputStreamExt: 'static {
    fn auto_grows(&self) -> bool;
fn buffer_size(&self) -> usize;
fn set_auto_grow(&self, auto_grow: bool);
fn set_buffer_size(&self, size: usize);
fn connect_auto_grow_notify<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(
        f: F
    ) -> SignalHandlerId;
fn connect_buffer_size_notify<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(
        f: F
    ) -> SignalHandlerId; }
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Required methods

Checks if the buffer automatically grows as data is added.


true if the self’s buffer automatically grows, false otherwise.

Gets the size of the buffer in the self.


the current size of the buffer.

Sets whether or not the self’s buffer should automatically grow. If auto_grow is true, then each write will just make the buffer larger, and you must manually flush the buffer to actually write out the data to the underlying stream.


a gboolean.

Sets the size of the internal buffer to size.


a gsize.