Trait gio::prelude::SettingsExtManual[][src]

pub trait SettingsExtManual {
    fn get<U: FromVariant>(&self, key: &str) -> U;
fn set<U: ToVariant>(&self, key: &str, value: &U) -> Result<(), BoolError>;
fn bind<'a, P: IsA<Object>>(
        &'a self,
        key: &'a str,
        object: &'a P,
        property: &'a str
    ) -> BindingBuilder<'a>; }

Required methods

Create a binding between the key in the self object and the property property of object.

The binding uses the default GIO mapping functions to map between the settings and property values. These functions handle booleans, numeric types and string types in a straightforward way. Use [bind_with_mapping()][Self::bind_with_mapping()] if you need a custom mapping, or map between types that are not supported by the default mapping functions.

Unless the flags include SettingsBindFlags::NO_SENSITIVITY, this function also establishes a binding between the writability of key and the “sensitive” property of object (if object has a boolean property by that name). See SettingsExt::bind_writable() for more details about writable bindings.

Note that the lifecycle of the binding is tied to object, and that you can have only one binding per object property. If you bind the same property twice on the same object, the second binding overrides the first one.


the key to bind


a glib::Object


the name of the property to bind


flags for the binding