Trait gtk4::prelude::ColorChooserExtManual[][src]

pub trait ColorChooserExtManual: 'static {
    fn add_palette(
        orientation: Orientation,
        colors_per_line: i32,
        colors: &[RGBA]
    ); }
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Trait containing manually implemented methods of ColorChooser.

Required methods

Adds a palette to the color chooser.

If @orientation is horizontal, the colors are grouped in rows, with @colors_per_line colors in each row. If @horizontal is false, the colors are grouped in columns instead.

The default color palette of ColorChooserWidget has 45 colors, organized in columns of 5 colors (this includes some grays).

The layout of the color chooser widget works best when the palettes have 9-10 columns.

Calling this function for the first time has the side effect of removing the default color palette from the color chooser.

If @colors is None, removes all previously added palettes.


Orientation::Horizontal if the palette should be displayed in rows, Orientation::Vertical for columns


the number of colors to show in each row/column


the colors of the palette