Trait gtk4::prelude::BuildableExt

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pub trait BuildableExt: IsA<Buildable> + Sealed + 'static {
    // Provided method
    fn buildable_id(&self) -> Option<GString> { ... }
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Trait containing all Buildable methods.


AboutDialog, ActionBar, AnyFilter, AppChooserButton, AppChooserDialog, AppChooserWidget, ApplicationWindow, AspectFrame, Assistant, Box, Buildable, Button, Calendar, CellAreaBox, CellArea, CellView, CenterBox, CheckButton, ColorButton, ColorChooserDialog, ColorChooserWidget, ColorDialogButton, ColumnView, ComboBoxText, ComboBox, ConstraintLayout, Dialog, DragIcon, DrawingArea, DropDown, EditableLabel, EmojiChooser, EntryCompletion, Entry, EveryFilter, Expander, FileChooserDialog, FileChooserWidget, FileFilter, Fixed, FlowBoxChild, FlowBox, FontButton, FontChooserDialog, FontChooserWidget, FontDialogButton, Frame, GLArea, GraphicsOffload, GridView, Grid, HeaderBar, IconView, Image, InfoBar, Inscription, Label, LevelBar, LinkButton, ListBase, ListBoxRow, ListBox, ListStore, ListView, LockButton, MediaControls, MenuButton, MessageDialog, MultiFilter, MultiSorter, Notebook, Overlay, PageSetupUnixDialog, Paned, PasswordEntry, Picture, PopoverMenuBar, PopoverMenu, Popover, PrintUnixDialog, ProgressBar, Range, Revealer, ScaleButton, Scale, Scrollbar, ScrolledWindow, SearchBar, SearchEntry, Separator, ShortcutController, ShortcutLabel, ShortcutsGroup, ShortcutsSection, ShortcutsShortcut, ShortcutsWindow, SizeGroup, SpinButton, Spinner, StackSidebar, StackSwitcher, Stack, Statusbar, StringList, Switch, TextTagTable, TextView, Text, ToggleButton, TreeExpander, TreeStore, TreeViewColumn, TreeView, Video, Viewport, VolumeButton, Widget, WindowControls, WindowHandle, Window

Provided Methods§


fn buildable_id(&self) -> Option<GString>

Gets the ID of the @self object.

Builder sets the name based on the ID attribute of the <object> tag used to construct the @self.


the ID of the buildable object

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.