Trait gtk4::prelude::ToggleButtonExt[][src]

pub trait ToggleButtonExt: 'static {
    fn is_active(&self) -> bool;
fn set_active(&self, is_active: bool);
fn set_group(&self, group: Option<&impl IsA<ToggleButton>>);
fn toggled(&self);
fn connect_toggled<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(&self, f: F) -> SignalHandlerId;
fn connect_active_notify<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(
        f: F
    ) -> SignalHandlerId;
fn connect_group_notify<F: Fn(&Self) + 'static>(
        f: F
    ) -> SignalHandlerId; }
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Trait containing all ToggleButton methods.



Required methods

Queries a ToggleButton and returns its current state.

Returns true if the toggle button is pressed in and false if it is raised.


whether the button is pressed

Sets the status of the toggle button.

Set to true if you want the ToggleButton to be “pressed in”, and false to raise it.

If the status of the button changes, this action causes the signal::GtkToggleButton::toggled signal to be emitted.


true or false.

Adds @self_ to the group of @group.

In a group of multiple toggle buttons, only one button can be active at a time.

Setting up groups in a cycle leads to undefined behavior.

Note that the same effect can be achieved via the Actionable API, by using the same action with parameter type and state type ‘s’ for all buttons in the group, and giving each button its own target value.


another ToggleButton to form a group with

Emits the ::toggled signal on the ToggleButton.

There is no good reason for an application ever to call this function.

Emitted whenever the ToggleButton’s state is changed.