Trait gtk4::prelude::ShortcutTriggerExt[][src]

pub trait ShortcutTriggerExt: 'static {
    fn to_label(&self, display: &impl IsA<Display>) -> GString;
fn to_str(&self) -> GString; }
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Required methods

Gets textual representation for the given trigger.

This function is returning a translated string for presentation to end users for example in menu items or in help texts.

The @display in use may influence the resulting string in various forms, such as resolving hardware keycodes or by causing display-specific modifier names.

The form of the representation may change at any time and is not guaranteed to stay identical.


gdk::Display to print for


a new string

Prints the given trigger into a human-readable string.

This is a small wrapper around Gtk::ShortcutTrigger::print() to help when debugging.


a new string