Function glib::dpgettext

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pub fn dpgettext(
    domain: Option<&str>,
    msgctxtid: &str,
    msgidoffset: usize,
) -> GString
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This function is a variant of g_dgettext() which supports a disambiguating message context. GNU gettext uses the ‘\004’ character to separate the message context and message id in @msgctxtid. If 0 is passed as @msgidoffset, this function will fall back to trying to use the deprecated convention of using “|” as a separation character.

This uses g_dgettext() internally. See that functions for differences with dgettext() proper.

Applications should normally not use this function directly, but use the C_() macro for translations with context.


the translation domain to use, or None to use the domain set with textdomain()


a combined message context and message id, separated by a \004 character


the offset of the message id in @msgctxid


The translated string