Function glib::filename_from_utf8

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pub fn filename_from_utf8(
    utf8string: impl IntoGStr
) -> Result<(PathBuf, usize), CvtError>
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Converts a string from UTF-8 to the encoding GLib uses for filenames. Note that on Windows GLib uses UTF-8 for filenames; on other platforms, this function indirectly depends on the [current locale][setlocale].

The input string shall not contain nul characters even if the @len argument is positive. A nul character found inside the string will result in error ConvertError::IllegalSequence. If the filename encoding is not UTF-8 and the conversion output contains a nul character, the error ConvertError::EmbeddedNul is set and the function returns None.


a UTF-8 encoded string.


the length of the string, or -1 if the string is nul-terminated.


          The converted string, or [`None`] on an error.


location to store the number of bytes in the input string that were successfully converted, or None. Even if the conversion was successful, this may be less than @len if there were partial characters at the end of the input. If the error ConvertError::IllegalSequence occurs, the value stored will be the byte offset after the last valid input sequence.


the number of bytes stored in the output buffer (not including the terminating nul).