Function glib::filename_charsets

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pub fn filename_charsets() -> (bool, Vec<GString>)
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Determines the preferred character sets used for filenames. The first character set from the @charsets is the filename encoding, the subsequent character sets are used when trying to generate a displayable representation of a filename, see g_filename_display_name().

On Unix, the character sets are determined by consulting the environment variables G_FILENAME_ENCODING and G_BROKEN_FILENAMES. On Windows, the character set used in the GLib API is always UTF-8 and said environment variables have no effect.

G_FILENAME_ENCODING may be set to a comma-separated list of character set names. The special token “@locale” is taken to mean the character set for the [current locale][setlocale]. If G_FILENAME_ENCODING is not set, but G_BROKEN_FILENAMES is, the character set of the current locale is taken as the filename encoding. If neither environment variable is set, UTF-8 is taken as the filename encoding, but the character set of the current locale is also put in the list of encodings.

The returned @charsets belong to GLib and must not be freed.

Note that on Unix, regardless of the locale character set or G_FILENAME_ENCODING value, the actual file names present on a system might be in any random encoding or just gibberish.


true if the filename encoding is UTF-8.


return location for the None-terminated list of encoding names