pub fn show_uri_on_window(
    parent: Option<&impl IsA<Window>>,
    uri: &str,
    timestamp: u32
) -> Result<(), Error>
Available on crate feature v3_22 only.
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This is a convenience function for launching the default application to show the uri. The uri must be of a form understood by GIO (i.e. you need to install gvfs to get support for uri schemes such as http:// or ftp://, as only local files are handled by GIO itself). Typical examples are

  • file:///home/gnome/pict.jpg
  • mailto:megnome``

Ideally the timestamp is taken from the event triggering the show_uri() call. If timestamp is not known you can take GDK_CURRENT_TIME.

This is the recommended call to be used as it passes information necessary for sandbox helpers to parent their dialogs properly.


parent window


the uri to show


a timestamp to prevent focus stealing


true on success, false on error