Function gtk4::check_version

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pub fn check_version(
    required_major: u32,
    required_minor: u32,
    required_micro: u32
) -> Option<GString>
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Checks that the GTK library in use is compatible with the given version.

Generally you would pass in the constants GTK_MAJOR_VERSION, GTK_MINOR_VERSION, GTK_MICRO_VERSION as the three arguments to this function; that produces a check that the library in use is compatible with the version of GTK the application or module was compiled against.

Compatibility is defined by two things: first the version of the running library is newer than the version @required_major.required_minor.@required_micro. Second the running library must be binary compatible with the version @required_major.required_minor.@required_micro (same major version.)

This function is primarily for GTK modules; the module can call this function to check that it wasn’t loaded into an incompatible version of GTK. However, such a check isn’t completely reliable, since the module may be linked against an old version of GTK and calling the old version of gtk_check_version(), but still get loaded into an application using a newer version of GTK.


the required major version


the required minor version


the required micro version


None if the GTK library is compatible with the given version, or a string describing the version mismatch. The returned string is owned by GTK and should not be modified or freed.